Rankings and Updates


July 1, 2019

1Sharp, M.90
2Paley, A.88
3Williamson, J.84
3Russell, D.84
5Garner, D.82
5Yeates, M.82
5Timmins, G.82
8Rigby, C.80
9Allen, J.78
9Rossall, P.78
11Coates, P.77
12Nicholson, R.76
12Cook, J.76
12Wolstencroft, P.76
15Carr, D.74
15Dykes, H.74
15Crook, D.74
15Nolan, B.74
19Waddicor, R.73
20Bond, M.72
20Paley, M.72
20Nelson, J.72
20Graham, M.72
20Kerr, T.72
20Christian, S.72
20Henderson, S.72
27Hunt, S.70
27Needham, C.70
27Hazell, M.70
30Sanderson, P (Jr).69
31Neill, M.68
31Danvers, P.68
31Casson, H.68
31Sanderson, P.68
31Cunniffe, D.68
31Kitchen, A.68
37Barnes, M.67
38Barrow, S.66
38Hunt, G.66
38Christian, E.66
38Hugo, G.66
42Kitchen, M.65
42Bastow, P.65
42Harding, D.65
45Simpson, R.64
45Wilson, J.64
45Adamson, P.64
45Wicks, C.64
49Brown, T.63
50Longworth, J.62
50Peplow, D.62
50Clarke, R.62

Wyre Gun Club Fees

Pay for your club shooting via direct bank transfer. Wyre Gun Club members may pay for their shooting in advance in blocks of 500 clays (or multiples thereof) at a rate of only 20p per clay. There is no time limit for using your purchased clays. You must sign in at the desk on arrival each and every visit.

Bank Account Details

Payee: S & T Rowlandson
Bank: Natwest
Amount: £100 per 500 clays
Account Number: 28705165
Sort Code: 01-03-33
Reference: Club Clays


If you need more information about Wyre Gun Club or shooting in general, arrange to visit us in person.

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