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August 30, 2019

Some great shooting this month, plenty of cards in despite it being peak holiday season. You needed a whopping 67% this month for a place in the rankings, so it wasn’t easy to get your name up, well done to those who did. If you think you should be on the list but can’t see your name, you almost certainly forgot to include your surname on your scorecard.

1Coxhead P.94
1Paley M.94
3Williamson J.92
4Paley A.91
5Wolstencroft P.90
5Sharp M.90
7Garner D.89
8Leece A.88
8Cook J.88
10Needham C.87
11Hunt G.86
11Coates P.86
11Crook D.86
14Yeates M.84
14Meek D.84
16Allen J.82
16Barrow S.82
18Rossall P.80
18Wicks C.80
18Dykes H.80
18Timmins G.80
22Wilson J.79
22Nelson J.79
22Wilson JR.79
25Fairclough M.78
25Long P.78
25Cunniffe D.78
28Bastow P.76
28Winder M.76
28Entwisle B.76
28Graham M.76
32Fisher T.75
33Neill M.74
33Carr D.74
33Yates R.74
33Wroe K.74
33Stones C.74
33Casson H.74
39Sanderson P.72
39Warner C.72
39Metcalfe D.72
39Peplow D.72
39Rigby C.72
44Harding D.71
45Longworth J.70
46Suthers C.69
47Kelsall F.68
47Kerr T.68
49Riley S.67
49Perkins M.67

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