Rankings and Updates


October 31, 2019

1Timmins G.94
2Ewart K.92
2Shorrock R.92
4Andrews I.91
5Williamson J.90
6Barrow S.88
6Wolstencroft P.88
6Broome T.88
6Sharp M.88
10Garner D.87
11Dykes H.84
11Coates P.84
11Needham C.84
11Hunt G.84
11Coxhead P.84
16Carr D.82
16Rossall P.82
18Brown T.81
19Finnerty D.80
20Winder M.78
20Kitchen M.78
20Cook J.78
23Nelson J.77
24Hunt S.76
24Graham M.76
24Entwisle B.76
24Allen J.76
28Longworth J.74
28Parkinson P.74
28Perkins M.74
28Christian E.74
32Neill M.72
32Thomas C.72
32Christian S.72
32Bastow P.72
32Corsby P.72
32Wroe K.72
32Webster K.72
32Clegg S.72
40Peplow D.70
40Simpson R.70
40Finnerty R.70
40Crompton R.70
44Ormonroyd I.69
44Stones C.69
46Harding D.68
46Holden R.68
46Wilson JR.68
46Fairclough M.68
46Murphy H.68

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