Below you’ll find the February 2019 Top 50 rankings. It was the toughest layout we’ve had for a few years and took people a few rounds to suss out and adapt to. It’s always good to see the standard of people’s shooting improve over the course of the month.

There were a good few people knocking on the door of the Top 50 who didn’t quite make it. Maybe next month?

New layout on Friday.

1A. Paley90
2J. Williamson88
3M. Paley87
4P. Coates85
5P. Coxhead84
5M. Sharp84
5G. Timmins84
8D. Crook 82
9S. Goth81
10G. Hunt80
11P. Long78
11A. Lumsden78
13D. Garner77
14M. Yeates76
14D. Hoggarth76
14K. Ewart76
17D. Harding75
18P. Wolstencroft74
18M. Neill74
18T. Brown74
18S. Barrow74
18R. Simpson74
23P. Bastow73
23H. Dykes73
25R. Holden72
25J. Wells72
25K. Wroe72
25R. Wagner72
25S. Christian72
30P. Halsall71
31D. Cunniffe70
31S. Clegg70
31D. Peplow70
31C. Rigby70
31I. Ormonroyd70
36T. Fisher69
36D. Finnerty69
38D. Carr68
38P. Adamson68
38K. Webster68
41M. Madeley67
41KL. Davis67
44M. Taylor66
44M. Kitchen66
44P. Rossall66
44E. Christian66
44J. Madeley66
49R. Finnerty65
50H. Casson64