Below you’ll find the January Top 50 rankings. It was a tough layout but it still took a 66% hit rate to get into the Top 50, so the standard of shooting has been high. Well done.

There were a couple of scores that were good enough to make the list but the cards didn’t include a surname. If you think you should be in the Top 50 and aren’t that’s almost certainly the reason.

1A. Paley90
2M. Paley87
3J. Williamson86
4M. Beardsworth85
5H. Dykes82
5M. Sharp82
7P. Coxhead81
8C. Needham80
8P. Coates80
8T. Broome80
11M. Madeley79
11J. Madeley79
13S. Barrow78
13S. Goth78
15N. Hardman77
15S. Riley77
17T. Wiehn76
17G. Hunt76
17J. Cook76
20M. Yeates75
20R. Nicholson75
22D. Peplow74
22D. Brayfield74
22P. Sanderson74
22M. Neill74
22J. Allen74
22D. Crook74
28M. Crompton73
28M. Coxhead73
28D. Garner73
31P. Wolstencroft72
31K. Webster72
33F. Kelsall71
34A. Gardner70
34R. MacDonald70
34D. Haworth70
34G. Brayfield70
34R. Holden70
39Jo. Atherton69
39G. Atherton69
41B. Brayfield68
41C. Timmins68
41R. Julian68
41J. Longworth68
41D. Harding68
46M. Kitchen67
47A. Leece66
47M. Graham66
47G. Timmins66
47D. Rees66
47P. Bastow66